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Parents want what’s best for their children. In some cases, co-parenting or custody agreements are made in the wake of divorce or in the event of unwed parents. At Obenour Legal Group, our Columbus child support lawyer understand that there is a line between giving your child the support they need and being able to financially meet your obligations.

Sometimes, it can be difficult to determine how much should be allocated from both parents to ensure their child or children are sufficiently supported. With a trusted and experienced child support lawyer based in Worthington, you can better understand how your income will be allocated toward child support.

A Columbus child support lawyer from The Obenour Legal Group will help you navigate Ohio child support laws and get a better grasp on the formula used to calculate how much support is required by both parties. This formula includes factors like income, the number of children, cost of health insurance and the cost of necessary child care.

This formula is also known as a guideline, and sometimes child support court proceedings can result in you paying more than necessary to support the other party. It’s important that you have a trusted Columbus child support lawyer on your side to protect your financial interests while ensuring your child is taken care of.

What to Expect From Child Support Lawyer in Columbus, Ohio

After a marriage or in the event of two unwed parents, there are a myriad of issues that you may run into during court appointments and determining child support. Some of these include but are not limited to:

  • Understanding child medical support
  • Requesting administrative review based on unemployment or change in employment
  • 50/50 parenting time and its effects on child support
  • Determining which parent pays and which parent receives child support
  • Administrative child support orders and reviews

There are other facets of child support that may be difficult to understand or work through with the other party, but when you partner with a child support attorney in Columbus, Ohio like professional with Obenour Legal Group, you’re partnering with a trusted legal counsel that will help you through the child support process and other related proceedings.

In some cases, one (or both) of the parents will remarry or experience a change in employment that will cause a call for a review of the current child support agreement. In this event, it’s important to ensure that you are not being financially drained or overburdened by the other party. A trusted child support attorney from Worthington, Ohio will help you with reviewing your case.

Unfortunately, not every parent will uphold their end of a child support agreement. This is a common problem among parents who are slated to receive monetary support from their former spouse of the child’s other parent. Contact a child support attorney in Columbus, Ohio to assist you in receiving the financial support needed to take care of your child.

Contact a Trusted Columbus Child Support Lawyer

Whatever the situation you find yourself in either after a marriage or in regard to supporting your child and providing the appropriate care, contact The Obenour Legal Group for an exceptional child support attorney based in Worthington, Ohio. Our expert team of legal professionals help clients like you every day to fairly assess and determine financial support for the care of a child.

Contact The Obenour Legal Group today for case review and get started with our services to help you during child support court proceedings.

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