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Experienced Estate Planning Attorney Near Columbus, Ohio

It’s important not to turn to just any estate planning attorney in Columbus, Ohio. You need an attorney that not only cares about you, but also your family and business. When the time comes to start planning for the future, it’s better to have a Columbus estate planning attorney that is ready to plan in your best interests. At The Obenour Legal Group, clients work directly with staff and attorneys for exceptional legal counsel. As a dedicated and experienced Columbus estate planning attorney, we make your business and family ours.

In addition to being a great estate planning law firm in Worthington, Ohio, we also have experience in a variety of similar fields including but not limited to:

  • LGBT Law
  • Adoption Law
  • Elder & Special Needs Law
  • Assisted Reproduction
  • Family Law
  • Small Business Law

When it comes to your life and the people in it, we understand how important it is to protect what matters most to you. Our estate planning lawyer near Columbus, Ohio can guide you through the entire complicated field of estate planning.

Abbie Obenour

At the Obenour Legal Group, your family works directly with attorney Abbie Obenour throughout your case. We build relationships because we want to be your trusted advisor for current and future legal matters. Attorney Bio

Business Planning, Family Law, Adoption and Estate Planning Attorney in Worthington, Ohio

In addition to a robust list of estate planning services, we also provide a comprehensive list of services in family law. We understand that not every family looks the same, was made the same way or has the same legal needs. At The Obenour Legal Group, our estate planning lawyer build custom and comprehensive estate plans for your unique family and goals.

Our Worthington Ohio practice is devoted to providing clarity in the legal areas of adoption, surrogacy, divorce, estate planning, probate, elder law, and more. Our estate planning firm is one of a handful that focuses on the unique issues that affect unmarried couples, families caring for the children of others, and LGBT families.

Many families will require legal assistance at some point in their lives. Fertility issues may lead a family to consider adoption or surrogacy. Administering the estate of a deceased loved one can complicate an already difficult time. Even routine legal issues for LGBT couples are often complicated because the law rapidly changes. Columbus estate planning attorneys at The Obenour Legal Group not only stay abreast of the changing and complicated laws that may affect your family, but we’re ready to help you understand them as well. Our family law and estate planning law firm in the Worthington, Ohio area offers case reviews, helping clients determine their need for a firm before signing on with us. But we’re sure that after sitting down and discussing your estate planning and family legal needs with our experienced Columbus estate planning attorney, you’ll feel confident working with us.

Worthington’s Premiere Estate Planning Attorney

When it comes to your assets and your loved ones, we understand that you want to ensure everything is protected under the law. It would do no good to have your estate picked apart and devalued before it could reach your beneficiaries.

At The Obenour Legal Group, our Worthington estate planning lawyer utilize the industry’s best practices and up-to-date knowledge of estate planning to help our clients protect their assets and minimize the costs of estate administration. Whether you want to know if a revocable or irrevocable trust is better for you, or you need to draw up your wills and trusts, our compassionate and competent legal team is here to help.

Within our estate law services, we provide:

  • Estate Planning
  • Asset Protection
  • Wills & Trusts
  • Probate & Estate Administration


Get a Case Review from Estate Planning Attorneys near Columbus, Ohio

Our full suite of services means our Columbus estate planning lawyer can build meaningful relationships with our clients to help them through the entire life cycle of estate planning. There’s no need to partner with multiple law firms for different estate, family law, and business planning needs. Our estate planning lawyer in Worthington, Ohio can guide you through the entire complicated and sometimes frustrating field of estate planning. But with The Obenour Legal Group, we make it easier on clients who are getting ready to plan for the future of their estate and assets.


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