Divorce & Dissolution

Navigating Clients Through Divorce Or Dissolution

Reaching a final decision to end a marriage can sometimes be difficult. In Ohio, the process can be completed in one of several ways. The most common is a divorce action or a dissolution of marriage. What are the differences? How long will the process take? Speaking with a lawyer is the only way to obtain individualized legal guidance.

A Client-Focused Approach

Every family is unique. Different issues may be important to each spouse. Relationships with children can make custody decisions particularly complicated. Income, assets, and debt are important issues to settle and vary considerably from family to family. Emotion complicates the divorce and dissolution process. Legal options are dependent on all these factors as well as client goals. At The Law Firm of Doty and Obenour LLC, we listen and understand client priorities. We work hard to obtain the best possible outcome because we truly care. Unlike other law firms, clients work directly with our attorneys throughout their case.

Divorce vs. Dissolution

Dissolution: The parties must agree on the issues before filing a petition with the court. After filing the dissolution petition, a hearing takes place and the court generally approves the agreement as long as it is equitable to both parties.

Divorce: The parties cannot agree about how to end their marriage. A judge or magistrate must decide for them and a divorce action is required.

These are only rough outlines. In both divorce and dissolution cases, we have helped clients resolve the following issues:

We also handle divorce actions and dissolution for same-sex couples. Our skilled attorneys may be able to reach an agreement through negotiation or mediation. When alternative dispute resolution is not successful, we will take the fight to court.

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