Assisted Reproduction

Assisted Reproduction Technology

The law governing egg and sperm donation, surrogacy, and other assisted reproductive technologies is still young in Ohio. While engaging in assisted reproduction, we strongly recommend that all parties seek legal counsel in order to protect their rights.

We offer the following services in relation to assisted reproduction:

  • Writing and reviewing sperm and egg donation contracts
  • Writing, reviewing, and negotiating surrogacy contracts
  • Planning for and ensuring the proper allocation of parental rights after birth
  • Obtaining pre-birth orders when possible
  • Obtaining valid birth certificates that accurately reflect parentage

We serve clients on all sides of an assisted reproduction arrangement, including different- and same-sex couples, single parents, surrogates, and egg and sperm donors.

One of the key points to remember is that if possible, the parties should sign the necessary documents and consult with attorneys before the birth takes place. It is possible to obtain an order establishing parentage after the birth, but it can be an expensive and uncertain proposition if the legal parent refuses to consent to waive their parental rights. The parents involved should obtain legal advice before starting their family.