Assisting With The Guardianship Process

A loved one can deteriorate quickly. How can the family access bank accounts and obtain medical information? If a loved one does not have a Power of Attorney, the situation may require a Guardianship. Retaining a lawyer can avoid mistakes and speed up the process.

The Law Firm of Doty and Obenour LLC serves as an elder law resource for Worthington-area families. Ohio guardianship and conservatorship law is complex, but we can simplify it for clients. Our goal is to minimize the amount of stress your family experiences. To accomplish this, we work promptly to put a solution in place.

What to Expect

First, the court will decide whether a guardian is needed, and whether the applicant is the appropriate guardian.

Second, after the court appoints an appropriate guardian, that person must continue to report guardianship activities to the court and comply with the requirements of Ohio law.

We assist clients through each of the following steps:

  1. Preparing and filing the proper paperwork for appointment
  2. Representing applicants at the guardianship hearing
  3. Managing all the associated requirements and deadlines, ensuring compliance with Ohio law
  4. Closing a term as guardian

During this process, disputes can arise among members of the ward’s family. Our attorneys are skilled negotiators who are often able to help families reach agreements. However, we stand up for the interests of our clients and take cases to trial when required.

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