Adoption Law

Adoption Law Legal Counsel

The process of adoption gives a child the most valuable gift of all; a family. The Law Firm of Doty and Obenour LLC is committed to guiding you through each step of the adoption process. Let us help you create the legal rights to strengthen and complete your family.

Adoption is the process through which a child and parent or parents form a legal parent-child relationship that did not exist before. Most adoptions happen before the child reaches age 18, but Ohio law also allows for adults to be adopted under certain circumstances.

There are many different types of adoption pursued by many different families for many different reasons. We can assist clients in the following types of adoption:

  1. Private infant placement – domestic
  2. Private infant placement – interstate
  3. Infant placement through a private agency
  4. Adoption from a public child welfare agency
  5. LGBT adoption and custody agreements
  6. Stepparent and relative adoption
  7. Adult adoption

We represent all parties to these adoptions, including:

  1. Prospective adoptive parents
  2. Prospective birth parents – both mothers and fathers
  3. Other relatives seeking adoption of children or adults

We also offer the following related services:

  1. Assistance with the federal and Ohio adoption tax credits
  2. Negotiating favorable adoption subsidies for children with special needs
  3. Strategies for connecting with birth parents or choosing adoptive parents