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Many Ohio families will require legal assistance at some point in their lives. Fertility issues could lead a family to consider adoption. Administering the estate of a deceased loved one can complicate an already difficult time. Even routine legal issues for LGBT couples are often complicated because the law rapidly changes.

The Law Firm of Doty and Obenour LLC provides skilled legal representation to families in Worthington and across Ohio. We approach the practice of law differently. We focus on building relationships because we care about our clients. We strive to become the trusted advisors families turn to for current and future legal matters.

Working Directly With Families

At many law firms, clients initially meet with an attorney. But after the initial meeting, they only see support staff.

At our firm families work directly with either attorney Hannah Botkin-Doty or attorney Abbie Obenour throughout their case. We offer exceptional service based on how we want to be treated.

Our practice is devoted to providing families clarity in the legal matter at hand: adoption, surrogacy, divorce, estate planning, probate, elder law, assisted reproduction, and more.

Our firm is one of a handful that focuses on the unique issues that affect unmarried couples and LGBT families.

Our attorneys explain available legal options. Then, we walk clients through each step of the process. We are always accessible to answer questions or provide a status update.

Legal Answers - Call Today

To learn how we can help and schedule an appointment, please call 614-678-8848 or send a message online. Our firm offers reasonable fees, and flexible appointments.