On June 26, 2015, the Supreme Court of the United States struck down all state-issued bans against same-sex marriage, causing a celebration of love across the country.

Many same-sex couples living in states that hindered their legal ability to get married tied the knot shortly thereafter. Other couples’ marriages were finally recognized in their home states. And with the right to marry also comes the right to divorce or dissolution.

Although a union between two people is a scared and beautiful thing, sometimes those unions unfortunately end, and it becomes necessary to divorce.

Whether it’s an uncontested dissolution or contentions divorce, it’s imperative to have a compassionate and understanding LGBT divorce lawyer in Columbus to stand by your side with your best interests in mind. Don’t forego hiring an LGBT divorce or dissolution lawyer, as the legal ramifications of going alone with court proceedings and divesting ties with a partner could leave you with less than what you had when you entered the marriage.

Here are three questions to keep in mind when you and your partner decide to follow through with a dissolution or divorce to determine when you need an LGBT divorce lawyer in Columbus, Ohio:

Do you raise a child together?

Whether through natural birth, surrogacy, or adoption by one or both of you, if raise children together, it’s crucial that the child still receives parental care. Visitation rights and custody must be determined in court proceedings with the child’s — and your — best interests at heart. But your rights as a parent must also be protected, especially in cases of adoption and if only one party is a legal parental guardian of the child.

Furthermore, child support must be determined in order for the parents to continue providing the necessary care and financial support to the child. One party should not be overly burdened.

Is alimony necessary?

Determining the, whether spousal support is necessary, and if so the appropriate amount, through family court is necessary, but neither party should be taken advantage of when it comes to financial support. Who will give and receive spousal support, what amount it will be, and the frequency of payments must all be determined during divorce proceedings.

Do you own property together?

Dividing property and assets together can be a difficult task to face alone. It’s critical that you have an experienced and compassionate LGBT divorce lawyer in Columbus on your team to ensure that you and your partner are walking away with a fair share. Too many times have spouses left marriages with almost nothing, so it is in your best interest to have a skilled attorney to aid you in this daunting time.

Divorce is not easy. The understanding and expert LGBT divorce attorney with The Obenour Legal Group is available for people in a same-sex marriage who have decided to end the marriage. Our experienced  LGBT divorce lawyer in Columbus can help you determine your best course of action to make the transition out of your same-sex union as painless as possible. Contact us today for a consultation.