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Individualized Medicaid Planning

When elderly individuals need long-term care, Medicaid may be available to assist with the costs. Speaking with a Medicaid lawyer in Worthington, Ohio can help you determine your best option. Working with a Medicaid attorney in Worthington, Ohio can ensure that a plan is in place that protects family assets and the income of an independent spouse. Pairing with a Medicaid planning attorney in Worthington, Ohio has become more important in recent years as costs for long-term care have steadily increased. In Ohio, the median cost for an assisted living facility is about $4,000 per month but can easily reach up to $10,000 in Columbus. A Medicaid lawyer in Columbus, Ohio can help with planning to have those costs effectively covered. The complexity of Medicaid eligibly rules requires knowledgeable legal guidance from a qualified Medicaid attorney in Columbus, Ohio. Our Columbus Medicaid lawyer gives each and every one of our clients individually tailored advice. Our lawyer suggests Medicaid plans and other options designed to meet your goals once while keeping your financial picture in mind. Often, Medicaid planning is a part of a broader estate planning conversation.

What Does Medicaid Cover?

Medicaid covers a wide range of medical costs, but it does not cover everything. Among the broad costs Medicaid may cover are: doctor visits, hospital expenses, nursing home care, home health care and other similar expenses. Unlike Medicare, Medicaid covers long-term care costs; however, the specifics of what they will cover, and whether you are eligible for coverage, vary from program to program, which is why it is critical that you meet with a Columbus Medicaid attorney to see what you can have covered.

The Benefits of Medicaid Planning Ahead

Asset protection planning avoids the need to spend a lifetime’s worth of wealth on nursing home care. It also ensures resources are available for a healthy spouse to continue living independently and allows you to pass assets to children or loved ones while concurrently taking advantage of available state benefits. Options exist to convert income and resources into non-countable assets. This planning must happen years in advance to be effective. A simple error, however, can result in the denial of Medicaid benefits. Our Columbus Medicaid planning lawyer makes sure this does not happen.

You will work directly with our Worthington medicaid attorney through each step of the process.

  • Filing Medicaid applications
  • Appealing coverage denials, if necessary
  • Handling Medicaid Estate Recovery after a death

For clients with Medicare and Social Security questions, we help find answers.

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