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When a loved one passes the aftermath is always difficult. Not only do families who have lost someone have to overcome emotional grief, but someone will handle the administration of the deceased person’s estate. Contact our Columbus estate administration attorney now.

This representative will be responsible for all administrative duties regarding their assets, property, real estate, and debts. Depending on the loved one’s pre-planning and their outstanding debt, estate administration could be a very long, drawn-out process.

The Columbus estate administration attorney with The Obenour Legal Group will help families and executors through the process of handling probate of the last will or administration of the trust when a loved one passes. Opening the estate, making the inventory, dealing with creditors, beneficiaries, and taxes, and meeting court deadlines can get very complicated very quickly. It’s imperative to have a trusted estate administration attorney in Columbus, Ohio and the surrounding area to help with the process.

Working with a Columbus Estate Administration Attorney

Once you’ve decided it’s time to partner with an estate administration attorney in Columbus, Ohio, we will work with you to help you understand the probate process.

Once the last will has been admitted to probate and the executor has been appointed, the first task is to locate and take stock of all the assets of the deceased. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Real estate
  • Property and possessions
  • Investments, stocks and bonds
  • Bank accounts
  • Retirement accounts
  • Virtual assets

Creditors have a limited time to make any claims to the estate for money they are owed. The executor can reject any claims they believe they are not valid. Having a Columbus estate administration attorney can help you determine the validity of creditor claims and help you over any other bumps in the road. Once all outstanding debts are resolved, the estate must be distributed among beneficiaries as directed in the will.

In some cases, minors are among the heirs and beneficiaries who inherit from estate, and the executor’s role to set up a trust if the will directs.

Why You Need a Columbus Estate Administration Attorney

Some people who come to The Obenour Legal Group are not seeking counsel for executor duties appointed by an estate. When you have anything in your name that needs protection after your passing, it’s important to set up a will, living trust, or other post-mortem documents that will dictate what happens to your estate.

Estate planning is a very important part of life, but if you make a careful estate plan before your death you will ease the burden on your loved ones and decrease the cost of estate administration. It’s not an happy thing to think about, but with a compassionate and understanding Worthington estate administration attorney, it will become easier to handle.

Whether you want your assets to go to someone in- or outside of your family, or a to a charity, or to a combination of people and charitable organizations, The Obenour Legal Group will help. Don’t leave your family to make sense of a jumbled mess of paperwork, tax returns, 401Ks or investments, start planning today.

Contact the Obenour Legal Group

Based in the Worthington area of Columbus, Ohio, The Obenour Legal Group is on-hand to help you with your estate planning and estate administration needs. Contact us today for a free half-hour consultation and get started with top-quality and professional legal guidance. If you’re looking for a Columbus estate administration attorney to help you set up a will or trust, or if you have been appointed executor or trustee of an estate and need assistance, you’ve found a trusted Worthington estate administration attorney here at The Obenour Legal Group, LLC.

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