Real Estate Law

Property Disputes in Estate Administration and Divorce

The most valuable asset of many families is their home. In a divorce or dissolution, dividing equity or a loss often leads to arguments. A parent leaving a home to three children in equal shares can also pose problems after that parent passes away.

Untangling the knots requires an attorney who understands this area of the law.

Offering a full range of legal services, attorneys Abbie Obenour and Hannah Botkin-Doty advise on real estate disputes that come up in divorce, estate planning, estate administration, and Medicaid recovery.

We provide legal guidance to families on issues that may provide an alternative to or hamper the sale of property:

  • Partitions of real estate
  • Easements to allow access to property
  • Tax and judgment liens

Proper Planning Can Avoid Real Estate Disputes

A prenuptial or partnership agreement might describe what happens to a lakeshore cabin if the relationship ends. Addressing valuable property in the Medicaid planning process can limit estate recovery issues after a death.

Estate planning conversations with family are a way to learn about the desires of loved ones. Provisions in a will or a well-drafted trust can provide more specificity than dividing all possessions in equal shares.

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