LGBT Estate Planning

Estate Planning for LGBT Families

The law that affects LGBT families is changing rapidly. Ohio must now recognize same-sex marriages validly performed here and in other states. Because of this changing legal landscape, LGBT families need advice from a lawyer who closely follows this field.

Attorney Hannah Botkin-Doty has become a leader in this field. She is one of a handful of lawyers practicing LGBT law in Ohio.

Unique LGBT Estate Planning Issues

For LGBT families with children, designating an unmarried partner as the guardian is extremely important. A financial power of attorney and a health care power of attorneywill play a larger role in establishing a connection and protecting your rights in emergency situations with a bank, hospital or school.

Support Family

An estate plan is crucial when immediate family members are not supportive of your LGBT family. Clear, specific provisions in a will can avoid future will contests by disapproving family members who may try to step in as next of kin.

Advance directives can also provide clear directions on who will make medical decisions on your behalf. These documents ensure your partner is not excluded from visiting in the hospital or the conversation on medical decisions.

Appointing the correct person as a representative to handle funeral arrangements can also avoid conflict with difficult or disapproving family members.

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