Family Law

Resolving Family Law Matters

Few areas of the law are as personal as family law. A broken relationship or child custody dispute can be one of the most stressful and difficult experiences you can go through as a parent. A caring and respectful lawyer can offer tailored legal guidance through a painful time. Clients receive this type of caring advocacy at The Law Firm of Doty and Obenour LLC in Worthington, Ohio.

Making Difficult Life Transitions Easier

The end of a marriage or partnership brings up complex issues: how to care for children, how to divide property or debts, and how to adapt to the changes. Ohio domestic relations law provides a framework for divorce and dissolution. Unmarried couples, however, must rely on shared custody or partnership agreements.

Our attorneys provide families personal attention and honest, practical legal counsel. We strive to reduce the stress of these situations. When concerns arise, we are accessible. We stand beside our clients through the process and share regular status updates.

Negotiation and mediation often can help clients avoid damaging and costly legal battles. When collaborative methods fail to obtain a positive outcome, we will take the matter to court.

As a full-service law office, we also offer estate planning services. We work with clients to update beneficiary designations and estate plans following significant life changes.

•  Prenuptial Agreements (Prenups)

•  Divorce & Dissolution

•  Custody and Shared Parenting

 Custody for Unmarried Parents

•  Guardian Ad Litum

Pragmatic Legal Advice

We educate clients about the law to ensure they make informed decisions. Our attorneys also offer realistic legal assessments and practical advice. While it takes time to find lasting solutions, we work efficiently and offer reasonable fees.

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